Lye [la.]
purity fragrance

Eyes closed. A green meadow. Grandmother ‘s laundry wash tub. The smell of the sun drying the clothes just hung out. The skin breathes wholesome air. The senses quieten down and a graceful peace begins to dwell in the soul within. A cloud of goodness peers out with every breath to get to know the scent of whiteness.

And within, the sensation that nothing has ever been so clear and clean: harmony outlines the first warm and placid smile before a scent that tells of dreams of children and of a lifetime. Ash, like alpha and omega, become real protagonists in this fragrance. Lye, used once to whiten, to clean, dramatically returns to our fragrance memory, evoked by a unique and absolute scent. Pure. The top notes, citric and sparkling obtained with Calabrian bergamot and Sorrento lemon, soften shortly after with the spicy and hot intrusion of incense.

The central part of the formula is influenced by the presence of the iris delicately infused in harmony with dry leather. The base notes, irradiated with patchouli and opoponax, wrap up the tail end of this fragrance that will not fail to captivate you.

Top notes: bergamot, lemon
Heart notes: iris, incense
Base notes: vanilla, patchouli, opoponax, leather

Olfactory group: aromatic

Nose: Maurizio Cerizza

Creation date: 2014


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