XERJOFF 1861 Zefiro EDP 100ml

Zefiro pays homage to Rome and its baroque alchemy, distilled in a strong and mysterious perfume thanks to its suggestive and elusive formula, akin to the rare magic of an esoteric potion.

Zefiro propagates from arcane circles distilling a mystical essence capable to join heaven and earth. Thanks to the employment of resins - full-bodied incense, above all - it conjures up a stupefying ecstasy reaching up to celestial heights. Its honeyed sweetness is given tone and strength by the balanced accord of amber and spices; the velvety embrace of the resulting composition captivates the senses into the hypnotic whirl induced by wine must and iris.

Top Notes: Bergamot, Davana, Mosto, Elemi
Heart Notes: Cardamom, Carnation, Cinnamon, Iris
Base Notes: Honey, Incense, Precious Woods, Amber

Olfactory group: oriental

Nose: Mathieu Nardin

Creation date: 2015


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