WIDIAN Gold I Perfume 50ml

At the sun rise, the amber awakes you up with the sunray touching your skin. Sweet and voluptuous, Amber is like a precious jewel Like the gold rush, it becomes the treasure to be found Radiant and sensual, a touch of warm amber can play up the velvety sweetness Gold I is timeless, it allows us to fill in the blanks with our own imagination, fantasies and dreams. Powerful, deep, sensual, sweet and soft Gold I revive a personal and multi-facetted experience. Your base is strong but your heart is sweet.

Gold I, An Amber Attraction.

Head notes: apple, pepper
Heart notes: white flowers, oud
Base notes: amber, vanilla, musk, sandal wood

Olfactory group: woody

Nose: Ali Aljaberi, Jean-Claude Astier

Creation date: 2016


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