VISOANSKA Soin Inouï cou et decolette (cream for neck and decolettage) 50ml

This cream is your assurance of beauty for your neck and décolletage. Its brightening power and spheres of light reveal the radiance of your skin while diminishing the appearance of imperfections and brown spots. This luxury, ultra-protective treatment shields your skin from UV rays and pollution, while its firming and restructuring action helps reduce the appearance of fine lines. With their beauty enhanced, these fragile areas regain their firmness and tone.
You gain glamour and seduction.
A divine texture evoking an iridescent, silky veil.

Effectiveness proven in vivo and ex vivo.
Dermatologically tested.

Effectiveness proven ex vivo:
DNA protection resulting in a decrease of p53 protein expression after UV radiation equivalent to 1 MED (strong sunshine).

Effectiveness proven in vivo on 22 women between 40 and 70 years old during 56 days
Brown spots whitening: decrease of saturation and clarity.
Increase of moisturization for 85% of women.
A visible lifting effect for 73% of women.

Women have found:
Texture, color, penetration and application pleasant (100%).
Immediately after application, feelings of well-being, softness and comfort (respectively 86%, 100% and 91%) during the day, smooth and hydration feelings (respectively 91% and 86%).
Their skin hydrated, more resilient, more nourished (86%).
A protective film on their skin (73%).
Their skin smoother (72%).
Their skin tonic and resistant (68%).

26 specific active ingredients.
9 patented technologies.
93% of natural-origin ingredients+tripetide.
Made with natural emulsifiers and natural fragrance.
Paraben-free formula

Specific Actives :

Cupuacu butter
Manketti oil
Macadamia oil
Alpha arbutine
Antarctic glycoproteins
soft focus molecules
Light-reflecting mica
sea fennel stem cells
Sahel plankton
hydrolyzed wheat proteins
hydrolyzed soy proteins
Menthyl PCA
Octyldodecanol PCA
New Zealand fern mucilage extract
polysaccharides derived from abyssal depths
purified fractions of Centella asiatica

Usage: in the morning, in the evening


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