VALMONT Hydra 3 Regenetic Eye 15ml

The eye contour area can tell a lot about you… High-paced days, stress, lack of sleep and dehydration can all be responsible for those unwelcome dark circles and fine wrinkles. That is when Hydra3 Eye, Valmont’s cutting-edge triple-hydrating eye treatment, steps in.

Deliciously delicate and enveloping, this gel-emulsion instantly penetrates the extremely fine skin around your eyes, providing it with an immediate and soothing shot of hydration as well as a lasting sensation of comfort. Add some extra magic to your morning and evening beauty rituals by discovering the power of chrono-hydration.

3 benefits: hydration, dark circles reduction and anti-aging effect.
3 actions in a powerful innovative complex: the Valmont-exclusive Polymatrix DNA. This DNA and hyaluronic acid based mesh acts as a water reservoir to attract, capture and fix water throughout the day.

Chrono-hydration in 3 strokes:
1. Immediate: an instant smoothing action.
2. Gradual: continuous and lasting hydration.
3. Long-lasting: an intense replumping action.



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