DETO2X Cream's revolutionary texture changes over time, recreating its delicate veil on the skin's surface every day to offer the epidermis a healthy dose of oxygen.
For optimal application, brush on the phenomenal foam to release oxygen right into the epidermis.

The supremely sensory texture melts into the skin like a velvety caress, for a uniquely voluptuous experience.

Every morning after applying a serum, skim off the foam at the surface of the cream. For optimal effectiveness and to maximize skin oxygenation:
- Do not heat the cream in your hands.
- Skim off the foam, apply four dabs of cream on the face and rub in using light effleurage gestures
- If possible, skim off and apply the cream using a brush.

For a complete oxygenating program, apply Prime Regenera I at night.



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