THE HOUSE OF OUD Crop 2017 EDP 75ml

The search for perfection. The surprise of a masterpiece.

Every year, a selection of the finest qualities of oud is set aside as a record of the season that produced it: it is from this selection that the CROP collection is made, as a tribute to the purest of oud.

During the TFWA 2017, The House of Oud introduced CROP 2017, an extraordinary opportunity to enjoy once again a masterpiece in limited edition: a series of 547 unique numbered pieces.

The fragrances in the CROP collection are 100% natural, the result of distilling a blend of ingredients of the utmost value. It is important to stress that these are exclusive pieces only available in a limited edition: the numbers are dictated by the availability of the batch of oud. Just as every batch is unique and never identical to another, so these fragrances, too, are original and inimitable.

Incomparable and numbered, the packaging of every fragrance in the CROP collection contains a certificate that guarantees its uniqueness.

oud, licorice, sandalwood, tabac, absinthe

Olfactory group: woody

Nose: Andrea Casotti

Creation date: 2017


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