T. LECLERC High Precision Mascara 02 Brun

Open your eyes. This mascara will truly surprise you. No more smudging or weighed down lashes! Now you can enjoy incredible precision, even on hard-to-reach lashes.
Its long-lasting formula, made from carnauba wax and castor oil, coats and separates each individual eyelash, from root to tip, for thicker and fuller lashes. The result is a more open and intense look that is simply irresistible!
Its ultra-fine spiral applicator provides incredible precision. It captures each and every lash at the root for easier make-up. Did you say “perfect”?

Some advice from Eduardo
“Be sure to hold the brush horizontally, parallel to the lashes. For the upper lashes, look up and apply the mascara outward from the root. For the lower lashes, look down and do the same. Use a zigzag motion, starting at the base of the lashes and working toward the tip, from the inner corner of the eye to the outer corner. This technique applies more mascara without weighing the lashes down.”



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