RANCÉ Laetitia EDP 100ml

François Rancé paid homage to Laetitia, the Emperor's mother, with this refined, extremely elegant, charmingly feminine fragrance which has an intensity and character that reflected Laetitia's passionate and wilful nature.

The rousing Bulgarian rose and enchanting magnolia middle notes provide support for the fresh and substantial bergamot and neroli top notes. These build up from a base of patchouli and cistus labdanum, together with the intensity of Reunion vanilla, and create a strong enswathing perfume of great personality, which seduces and captivates.

The precious perfume is made entirely of the rarest and most highly-prized natural essences, obtained from the best years, i.e. "millésimé" (vintage) mixed, stirred and left to age according to the Rancé tradition.

A talented Parisian craftsman hand etched an altar surrounded by blossoming leafy branches (a symbol of vitality and joy) on the glass bottle.

Top notes: bergamot, orange blossoms, mandarin
Heart notes: bulgarian rose, magnolia, wisteria, nutmeg
Base notes: patchouli, cistus labdanum, tolu balm, reunion vanilla

Olfactory group: floral-oriental

Creation date: 2008


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