PUREDISTANCE Warszawa perfume 60ml

WARSZAWA is a fragrance with origins that go back nearly 30 years, when Jan Ewoud Vos, the founder of Puredistance, first heard David Bowie sing his song Warszawa. He was enchanted by the music, and the word “Warszawa” moved him deeply, he found its sound raw but beautiful and intriguing. When he visited Warszawa (Warsaw) many years later, he was amazed by the friendliness of its residents. Beautiful women walked the streets with proud elegance, as if straight from the movies. He explored the city with passion, taking photographs and making short films.

Two years ago he got an idea that did not go away and grew stronger and stronger: to come up with a fragrance inspired by the city and called WARSZAWA. It was his tribute to the city. A scent full of maturity, vivacity and luxury. To create it, he commissioned the Parisian Master Perfumer Antoine Lie. But WARSZAWA would not be born without Jan`s friendship with the Missala family. Most definitely, WARSZAWA would not be born in its current form without the inspiration from Stanisława Missala. Her class and elegance evoked the chic of old-time Warsaw and her strong character and charisma reflect the present of the modern city.

Head notes: galbanum, grapefruit, violet leaf
Heart notes: jasmin absolut, broom absolut, orris butter
Base notes: patchouli, vetiver, styrax

Olfactory group: chypre

Creation date: 2016


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