PUREDISTANCE Black perfume extrait 17,5ml

“Deep beauty is best experienced in the dark. Envision. Smell. Feel. Don’t analyse.
Todays trends to know everything and to show everything, mute our magic feelings of intuitive beauty. Puredistance Black treasures the beauty of the unknown.”

Based on this concept, Puredistance BLACK was created in Paris by the famous French Perfumer Antoine Lie. He created a perfume of the highest quality that is close to the wearer and releases sensual and elegant scent layers in a whispering and sophisticated way - without shouting.

Puredistance BLACK Perfume is a warm, mysterious and elegant fragrance, full of charm, that stays in the shadow, giving away - only every now and then - part of its nature. Puredistance BLACK plays hide-and-seek on the skin, appearing, morphing, and reappearing to delight the senses.

As a consequence of the concept of BLACK (that treasures the beauty of the unknown) we will not reveal the ingredients of Puredistance BLACK.

Creation date: 2013


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