Few perfume oils have the mystique of Oud. Originated in the Assam region of India, and now also found in Southeast Asia. The Oud, also known as "Agarwood" is made from the fragrant resin found in the heartwood of the Aquilaria trees, it is believed to have a healing power on spiritual meditation or also as an aphrodisiac for lovers.

“If I were a merchant, I would only trade in Oud perfume. Even if I did not make a profit, I would have benefited from its sensational scent,” A renowned Arab Caliph once said, “Choosing a fragrance truly reflects one’s individuality.”

Still cherished as one of the most precious, natural woody essential oils available today. Its composition evokes different facets of dark wood, raw sultry sophistication. It has the power to give richness in compliment of other notes to create a robust and versatile perfume.

Bois d'Oud
In Bois d’Oud, the captivating wood trail is touched by saffron, cumin, papyrus, vanilla and musk to highlight the natural spicy oriental notes. The unique blend of notes will ignite the fiery passion within.

Top notes: Fresh, Fruity
Heart notes: Rose, Spices, Cinnamon, Jasmine
Base notes: Saffron, Oudh, Musk, Vanilla

Olfactory group: oriental

Creation date: 2012


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