PARFUM D'EMPIRE Acqua di Scandola EDP 50ml

Acqua di Scandola
Saline and solar: the sea, differently

With Acqua di Scandola, Marc-Antoine Corticchiato set himself a challenge: to offer a different expression of the sea in perfumery. Iodic, aromatic and mineral. Purely Mediterranean. Exclusively Corsican.

A scent-scape as surprising as the place that inspired it: the peninsula of Scandola, in western Corsica. A UNESCO World Cultural Heritage Site, this nature reserve can only be reached by boat. A streamlined fragrance, reflecting three elements: The sea, distilled in a very special algae extract with facets as clear and salty as the turquoise water. Untamed nature, translated by the aromatic vibrancy of juniper and the spicy aroma of immortelle. The moss-covered, velvety rocks. As ochre as warm sand or as sea-salted, sun-kissed skin…

A word from Marc-Antoine Corticchiato… "The sea is in my blood, and Scandola is a magical place where I keep coming back with fishermen friends who know each rock, each corner of it. Whatever the hour or the season, its colors keep changing on land and sea. Those flashes of color inspire me as a perfumer. As a part of my current quest for naturality and clarity, I wanted to express the marine accord without resorting to the cliché of artificial aquatic molecules. I found the key in a gorgeous algae extract, customized specifically to reflect my vision of Scandola’s breathtaking beauty."

Olfactory group: watery

Nose: Marc-Antonio Corticchiato

Creation date: 2018


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