A close up on Olfactive Studio’s new fragrance. The signature flacon is the first thing that meets the eye in the brand’s tenth fragrance. The change is subtle yet bold. The overall shape is rounder, with black metal shoulders inspired by the camera while a circular wave is sculpted behind the glass and appears on the name of the fragrance, which is screen printed in handwritten letters on the front of the bottle.
Like an echo, another concentric form spreads out on the box of Close Up: an iris. The hypnotic image is by Armenian photographer Suren Manvelyan, who undertook a project devoted exclusively to taking close up shots of this mysterious sphere in all its incredible variations.
Let’s take a closer look at this blue and brown iris with surprising pigmentation and speckled and shadowy color tones. The eye of a thousand powers… a symbol of knowledge and a source of light, wisdom, or even fecundity. Since the beginning of time it has captivated those who have looked at it.
But is it an eye wide open or a miniature world replete with its lands and oceans? The iris world map oscillates between the globe of an eye and a planetary globe. The heart speeds up as a result of the “Close Up effect.” The image is so zoomed in that we could almost touch it, smell it even. Close Up makes this wish come true. An entire universe unfurls itself in a lavish array of olfactory details. One note evokes confidence. A descent into the intimate ensues.
The magic of the formulation. Like seeing something close up, that masterful magical act that plays out right before the spectator, the fragrance mingles with the skin, cultivating the art of illusion. A secret alchemy is at work, as inexplicable as it is real, as secret as it is deliberate.
From the inner self to the outside world, from the smallest to the largest, the composition of Close Up revels in contrast and the oscillation between opposites.
Intense and contrasting, the amber tones combine with a freshness. It has a full bodied character that blends seamlessly with anise and green coffee. Zooming in even closer, each ingredient gains in intensity and distinctness.

Top notes: Santos green coffee, fresh spices, griotte cherry
Middle notes: white tobacco, patchouli, atlas cedar, centifolia rose
Base notes: amber, musk, tonka bean

Olfactory group: oriental

Nose: Annick Menardo

Creation date: 2016


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