NATURA BISSE Inhibit High Definition Patches 4*5 Patches

Imagine a non-invasive anti-wrinkle treatment that powerfully transforms skin with easy-to-use applicable patches that perform truly miraculous results even with the very first application. We consider Inhibit High Definition Patches avant-garde wrinkle fighting technology.
Backed by 13 patents, each of the corrective patches contains hundreds of painless microneedles consisting of powerful anti-aging active ingredients, directly penetrating the epidermis where they dissolve, instantly improving the skin’s appearance.

Formulated with double hyaluronic acid and conotoxin, they actively plump and soften the appearance of expression lines and wrinkles, visibly filling and smoothing them.
The results: spectacularly corrected expression lines. Supple, resilient, and radiant skin. Try these miracle patches; enjoy the lasting results of immaculate impressions.

• Advanced wrinkle-filling treatment.
• Immediately softens fine lines.
• Preserves hydration, providing volume to the skin.

Usage: in the evening


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