NATURA BISSE Diamond Life Infusion 25ml

Imagine if you could infuse your skin with life, quite literally. One of our most scientifically advanced products to date, Diamond Life Infusion works on your skin’s bio-markers, which signal your biological age. This includes maintaining low levels of the proteins that cause cellular aging, as well as helping preserve the length of telomeres – part of the chromosome that prevents the aging of skin cells. This formula actively reconstructs the skin’s infrastructure, increasing collagen and hyaluronic acid.
This is true scientific wizardry, and an investment for your skin. The result: unprecedented rejuvenation, regeneration, miraculous smoothing out of wrinkles, bright, diamond luminosity.

• Reduces the excessive thickness of the superficial layers of the skin.
• Exceptionally diminishes fine lines and wrinkles.
• Offers an intensive lifting and firming effect that restores the youthful lift of the facial contour.

Usage: in the evening


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