NATURA BISSE Diamond Gel-Cream 50ml

· Dual lifting effect (both internal and external effects on skin).
· Expression lines and wrinkles noticeably diminish.
· Immediate visible increase in firmness and elasticity.
· Restores softness, smoothness and glow; leaves skin feeling extraordinarily light, silky and satiny.
· Face contours are redefined by increasing firmness.

Apply on face, neck and décolleté area, massaging gently until fully absorbed. Follow with application of DIAMOND DROPS and a NATURA BISSÉ product with sun protection.

· Artemia salina extract: Generates the energy necessary to stimulate cellular metabolism.
· Pure ursolic acid: Obtained from sage. It is a powerful ingredient with regenerating, firming and antiaging
properties that helps strengthen the skin’s natural resistance to the breakdown of elastin fibers.
· Betaglucanes: Stimulates the skin’s defense mechanisms.
· Grape seed extract (Vitis vinifera): A powerful antioxidant.
· Sweet pea extract (Pisum sativum): Protects against the deterioration of skin proteins.
· Soybean proteins: With regenerating, firming and anti-aging properties.
· Multi-vitamin Complex (vitamins B+C+ E+F): Anti-free radicals.
· Oligo-Collagen Complex: Including copper, manganese, iron, magnesium, calcium and zinc delivers
essential elements necessary for any enzymatic process, in combination with hydrolyzed collagen to
provide maximum hydration and suppleness to the skin.



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