NASOMATTO Silver Musk Perfume 30ml

Silver Musk is a fragrant metaphor of a quicksilver. Just as this heavy metal, that is uncatchable in the physical world, so is the smell of Silver Musk. Compiled with the highest quality synthetic musks with a massive molecular weight, the formulation of Silver Musk is so heavy that some cannot even smell it.

Just as a superhero that is there but is not there. Silver Musk is an olfactory depiction and a proof that superheroes do exist and are important for us. A superhero can be an existing person one admires – a movie star or a singer; a superhero can be an imaginary character found in comics. A superhero is an idol, an untouchable ideal, an embodiment of dreams and liberation. He’s here to rescue and bring salvation, he’s always there when you need him, he’s someone with whom one has an endless mercurial love.

One cannot possess a superhero. Silver Musk represents the existence and the value of imaginary heroes in our lives. This is a magnetism towards the being far away.

The Cap of The Bottle is made out of Italian walnut, the only wood that has silver flashes and reflections, a hint that magic might still exist.

Olfactory group: citrus

Nose: Alessandro Gualtieri

Creation date: 2007


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