NASOMATTO Nudiflorum perfume 30ml

Nudiflorum is a pure, nude desire in the translucence of our senses.

The fragrance that provides with the extreme and unexpected tranquility of giving oneself to the other without any concern or boundary. It is created upon the feeling of pure intimacy. Peel by peel, breath by breath, slowly the scent undresses and shows it’s bare skin and reveals it’s naked truth. This is a perfume that provides extra warmth and shelter by a raving for the most intimate form.

This fragrance is an invitation to sense the depth that undoes the distance, motivated by a hazy intuition to reveal the unarguable and inescapable truth. Nudiflorum is an interpretation of being touched by someone in the most sacred parts of our bodies. A slender touch of a bare skin that penetrates through the surface and becomes a part of you. An uncovering of a delicate collision of a skin on skin. Natural, primitive and sensual – this cross-breed of naked fur flowers and caressing leather notes creates a feeling of a sensual shelter one will fall into. This fragrance is a ritual of uncovering, it is a result of a quest to find a vanishing point in nature and the highest olfactory intimacy.

The Cap of The Bottle is made out of padauk wood, also known as Vermillion, an exotic tough and stable African coralwood found in the central and tropical west Africa.

Olfactory group: floral

Nose: Alessandro Gualtieri

Creation date: 2018


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