MENARD Fairlucent White Serum 100ml

A Brightening serum that results in a fresh, fair, lucent, and beautiful skin.

Product features:
○ Prevents melanin production, pigmentation, and freckles (skin brightening ingredients Magnesium Ascorbyl Phosphate (APM))
○ Conditions skin and maintains skin’s healthiness (FL W-extract from Ampelopsis japonica root extract, Ecklonia kurome extract)
○ Freshens and moisturizes the skin
○ Nano sized biological ingredients (hydrogenated soybean phosphatide) that allow Magnesium Ascorbyl Phosphate (APM) to smoothly permeate the horny layer.
○ Floral bouquet/fragrance with a fresh green note, mild floral notes of luxury rose, jasmine, and Muguet, and a woody note

○ A product that prevents the production of pigmentation and freckles.
○ A skin brightening serum developed by applying the results of Menard’s latest studies on skin
○ An alpha-care (additional care) product used to compliment daily skincare.
○ The main item in the Fairlucent skin care line.

Recommended for:
○ People who are interested in brightening their skin
○ People who want to prevent pigmentation and freckles
○ People who are often exposed to UV rays, or have been in the past
○ People who love to use the Fairlucent line of products
○ People who cannot accommodate additional steps for skin brightening and want to comfortably continue their daily skincare

Directions for use:
● After applying lotion to your skin, pour an appropriate amount (1.5-2.0 mL) on a cotton pad and apply while patting from the bottom of the face to the top.
● You may feel slight discomfort when the serum permeates the skin. There is no need to worry as the discomfort disappears after a while.

Usage: in the morning, in the evening


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