MENARD Colax SET Colax Serum C 65ml + Colax Eye B 18g + miniatures

A set of excellent products by Japanese brand Menard, packed in an elegant white box.

The set includes a rich, softening serum Menard Colax Serum C 65ml, Menard Colax Eye, miniature of serum and sample of eye cream.

MENARD Colax Serum C
A rich, softening serum that makes skin fully supple and moist and tightens it three-dimensionally
○ Makes the entire face fully supple and moist, leading to an enriched and moisturized skin.
○ Makes the skin moist and flexible, and gives the impression that the entire face and the area around the face line are tighter.
○ It is a thick and rich liquid that gets fully absorbed by the skin.
○ The fresh fragrance of a floral bouquet

Formulated with:
3D Modeled Collagen (moisturizing ingredient).
Soluble collagen (moisturizing ingredient).
Hyaluronic acid(moisturizing ingredient).

MENARD Colax Eye B
An eye cream that restores moisture and suppleness to the skin around eye area that is vulnerable to aging.

Usage: in the morning, in the evening


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