MENARD Colax Serum C 65ml

A rich, softening serum that makes skin fully supple and moist and tightens it three-dimensionally
○ Makes the entire face fully supple and moist, leading to an enriched and moisturized skin.
○ Makes the skin moist and flexible, and gives the impression that the entire face and the area around the face line are tighter.
○ It is a thick and rich liquid that gets fully absorbed by the skin.
○ The fresh fragrance of a floral bouquet

Formulated with:
3D Modeled Collagen (moisturizing ingredient).
Soluble collagen (moisturizing ingredient).
Hyaluronic acid(moisturizing ingredient).

Directions for Use:
● After conditioning your skin with lotion, put an appropriate amount on your palm (pump the contents once or twice (about 0.2 to 0.4 mL)), and apply it on your whole face so that your skin can absorb it.
● Spread it gently on your problem areas such as fine wrinkles and dry areas. Repeat application if necessary

Usage: in the morning, in the evening


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