MEMO Oriental Leather EDP 75ml

Cuirs Nomades Collection

A dreamscape of reddish dunes. At nightfall, the Wahiba Sands of Oman cast a unique glow onto the sky above. The sun has swooned and the moon takes the form of a crescent in homage to the khanjar, the emblem of the sultanate.

It shines just as bright as this small sword, slipped into the leather belt of men who wear the traditional costume. The heavenly canopy lights up the path to Wadi Shab, a lush paradise, bursting forth like patchouli.

A majestic Orient meets the eyes. Oriental Leather bears its secrets and whispers them to Orion, whose constellation hangs in the night like a charm on a belt.

Amber and leather notes reveal themselves in full daylight, when the world stirs back into motion in the Mutrah souq, amidst wafting scents of lavender, cinnamon and benzoin.

Oriental Leather Eau de Parfum, is a rich and dizzying fragrance that summons the striking splendours of Oman in its patchouli leather wake.

Anise seed, cinnamon and vanilla radiate from under its velvet veil like the warmth of the Wahabi golden desert sands or the sun-kissed peaks of the Al Hajar Mountains. As the sun sets, and the stars fling themselves across the canopy once more, the fresh and floral scent of lavender prevails.

Top notes: Coriander seed oil, Pimento Leaf oil, Lavender oil, Leather accord
Heart notes: Anise Seed oil, Geranium Leaf, Cinnamon Bark Essential oil
Base notes: Benzoin, Patchouli oil, Vanilla Bean absolute

Olfactory group: leathery

Nose: Sophie Labbé

Creation date: 2019


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