MEMO African Leather EDP 75ml

Elephant trunk, cardamom, giraffe neck, bergamot, wild cat, sand, leopard spots, saffron, rhinoceros horn, cumin, lion mane, patchouli, gazelle hoof, geranium, nocturnal bushbabies, celestial sphere, bat-eared fox, grapefruit, snake skin, oud accord, eagle eye, vetiver, buffalo neck, musk, green monitor lizards, moss, blue wildebeest, winter sun, zebra stripes, leather accord, cheetah paws, cedar, antelopes racing, savannah, meerkat smiles, spices, crocodile tooth, heat.

Of all the world's mammals, the African elephant has the most highly developed sense of smell, boasting some 2,000 scent recognition genes. Ideal for finding fellow elephants, identifying predators and locating food. The extremely sensitive olfactory system of the agile long-nosed pachydermata makes one long to see it strolling among the Memo fragrance bottles. If the glass receptacles didn't make for such a perilous exercise, would it locate from among the sunny designs the new Memo creation dedicated to its homeland, African Leather?

The properties of African flora and fauna appear exacerbated: more prominent, more visual, wilder, in a word, more alive. The kaleidoscope of landscapes—from the savannah to the grassy expanses of the plains, from the sandy dunes and deserts to the dense bush vegetation, from the lush forests to the waters of the rivers and oceans—is enough to make the head spin. Or inspire a fragrance. The endless variety of colours, odours and textures, from dawn to dusk, mist and dust, dry spells and rainy seasons, only strengthens the feeling.

The African Leather fragrance exalts this extraordinary work of nature, playing with exhilaration and profusion, yet imbued with an excess that is equally capable of lightness, intrepidity and sudden flashes of brilliance. A discreet power, much like that of a racing gazelle, antelope or panther, or the choreography of a herd of buffalo or zebra as it disappears into a thin cloud of dust.

The land of Africa is an original cradle land bathed in hypnotic hues of ochre, purple and leather. Like a carpet of saffron pistils, a bed of cardamom or a trail of cumin... rich spices whence Memo culled the identity of African Leather. A path that unfolds accords of leather and oud. Its animal quality is as subtle as the coat of a giraffe or leopard, as nuanced as a lion's mane. More an allure than a massive presence, more a stately demeanour than an invasive body. The vivacity of geranium, the character of vetiver, gives it that capacity for rebound and relaxation.

African Leather is a leather on alert. An acute attentiveness filled with grace and majesty. Memo knows that the beauty of a space and a species is a treasure to be approached with care. The result is a visual leather, to be admired and beheld, and for which the only capture will be olfactory.

Oil of bergamot, Oil of cardamom, Oil of saffron, Oil of cumin, Geranium absolute, Oil of patchouli, Oud accord, Leather accord, Essence of vetiver, Musk

Olfactory group: leathery

Nose: Aliénor Massenet

Creation date: 2015


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