MDCI Péché Cardinal Limoges Collection EDP 60ml

A fruity floral From a palette of raw materials by the famous Fragrance House Robertet, Amandine Marie imagined for MDCI a very bold, young and vivacious composition: daring at first, but with soft and silky tones in its development. A dazzling start: peach, blackberry, blackcurrant, Davana and coconut make it a true fruity fragrance, full of exuberance. After this grand opening that feels like the triumphant arrival of spring and awakens the senses, lily and tuberose and a touch of plum enter the composition, softening it into a smooth fruity floral. These floral notes are a prelude to the round and velvety final accords of the base: sandalwood, cedar and musk bring soothing calm, body and lasting power.

Sculpted with great attention to detail, the immaculate white bisque stoppers capture the beauty and serenity of the graceful feminine figure and the strength of the masculine portrait.
Snow-white, stone-hard and soft as silk, bisque is perfectly suited for a luxury perfume bottle.
Signed and numbered, fully functionnal, these flacons are prized collector pieces.

Top notes: davana, peach, coconut, black currant
Heart notes: tuberose, plum, lily
Base notes: cedar wood, sandalwood, musk

Olfactory group: fruity

Nose: Amandine Marie

Creation date: 2009


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