MAJDA BEKKALI Tulaytulah EDP 50ml

"Tulay-Tulah is the name of Toledo in Arabic and Hebrew.
Located on a rocky outcrop along the Tagus river, Toledo is the city of the three cultures. It is famous for its religious tolerance: when it was part of Al-Andalus, Jews, Christians and Muslims lived there together in peace and harmony.
Thanks to this coexistence (known as La Convivencia), the city became a radiant economic and cultural center. The incredible artistic and cultural heritage of that period is still visible today, and makes your head spin: churches, mosques and synagogues, palaces and fortresses show to the world the refinement and the taste of those who lived in Al-Andalus. Toledo is a symbol of harmony, balance and good life.
Tulaytulah is my message of peace to the world"
- Majda Bekkali

The fragrance
Tulaytulah has notes of marzipan, this almond flour pastry so typical of Toledo. It evokes the blooming cherry trees on the shores of the river Tagus. It is graceful like the cypresses that bristle the surrounding landscape. It brings to you the smell of the soft leather of the saddles of Andalusian horses.

The packaging
The bottle and the box are decorated with a stylized Andalusian rosace, inspired by those of the Alhambra. An iconoclastic figure, blending Moorish strict geometry and pointillism. Coated with blue and gold, with hope and light, Tulaytulah reveals itself like a prayer.

Top notes: cherry blossom, cypress, star anise
Heart notes: bitter almond, frangipani, malt
Base notes: soft musky leather, blond suede, tonka bean, vanilla

Olfactory group: soft oriental

Creation date: 2016


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