MAJDA BEKKALI Tendre Est la Nuit - clair EDP 120ml

The night comes forth and in its wake heightens the allurement of the shadows and sweet lethargy.

In the darkness, the air exudes a metaphorical fragrance suave and rich. Some flowers offer things to the night which in the day they stubbornly withhold.

Noises fade and whispers can be heard, forms blur and lines merge. Obscurity quivers, profound and dangerous. It gives birth to a sense of ease and tumultuous fear.

I think of Zelda marching towards her tender night and of her sweet madness, to set off, leaving behind the blinding brutal light of reality.

Top notes: spices, citrus, ambrette seed, clove
Heart notes: amber, patchouli, sandal wood, vetiver
Base notes: musk, amber (again), oak moss, cedar wood (always), vanilla

Olfactory group: soft oriental

Creation date: 2019


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