M. MICALLEF Spiritual EDP 75ml

The 6th secret of the SECRETS OF LOVE collection appeals to our 6th sense. When the evidence of love knocks on the door of the soul. Deafening, thundering, like the roar of a thunderclap, sheltered in a bottle of art as a pure object of desire, the fragrance opens with a trail of rose berries and bergamot to turn heads and impress.
Then, a veil of lightness carried by the clarity of jasmine and the roundness of cedar comforts the senses and exacerbates our sensuality before reaching its paroxysm, marrying the power of the «ambergris, vanilla, benzoin» triptych.
The enigmatic olfactory partition intrigues. Both feminine and masculine, Spiritual summons the purest of ingredients assembled with talent to tell a tale about renewal, love fusion and spiritual passion.
This communion between two beings is expressed by a perfect balance, by the evidence of a common destiny, a celestial reunion, so to speak of telepathy.

Spiritual dresses with the dreams of the one wearing it. Exceeding the divisions of genres, the fragrance sets us free from all codes.
Once vaporized, the fragrance comes out of its cage and flies to the 7th heaven : the fantasy territory of the intoxication of our senses.

Masterfully closing the Secrets of Love collection which explores the six facets of seduction and love, Spiritual rises into the pure universe of beautiful souls who recognize themselves. Spiritual is dedicated to them!

Airy and bright, Spiritual is served by a precise writing revealing a juice oscillating between heat, power and transparency.
Draped with a sparkling floral freshness, the perfume blossoms into an intimate, slightly vanilla softness that reveals a timeless and soothing fragrance.
A partition of great purity in the image of the silver pearly color dressing the bottle, a proper love cage.

Top notes: rose berries, bergamot
Heart notes: jasmine, cedar
Base notes: ambergris, beznoin, vanilla

Olfactory group: soft oriental

Nose: Geoffrey Nejman

Creation date: 2018


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