M. MICALLEF EdenFalls EDP Travel Spray 10ml

EdenFalls: an aromatic sparkle

A new fragrance from the JEWEL COLLECTION gathering the Eaux Fortes of M. Micallef, is a genuine love letter addressed to the spirit of an unspoilt nature.
A perfume that fuses together with earth, water and nature.

A timeless freshness characterises this noble and unisex citrusy fragrance coloured with aromatic bursts and enriched with the noblest of natural essences. Reinforced with pink pepper, the sparkling bergamot/mandarin accord as a top note heralds an unforgettable trail - fresh, airy and sensual. The heart is magnified by a succession of green and floral notes carried by jasmine, coriander and neroli, resulting in a powerful ensemble with woody, musky and slightly vanilla base chords.

Far from classic citrusy fragrances, EdenFalls envelops the skin of ladies and gentlemen alike in a harmonious score that evolves over the hours: initially green and citrusy, the fragrance then gains a deep tonality, both mineral and woody.
A NEW OF FRESHNESS EdenFalls embodies the elegant encounter between a moist and sensual nature, a nourishing earth covered with herbs, moss, fragrant flowers, juicy citrus fruits and an intensely fresh living water.

Anchored in an avant-garde architectural vocabulary, the Jewel Collection’s charismatic bottle is presented through raw, geometric lines juxtaposing hot and cold materials. For EdenFalls, the bottle is crystallised in a gradient of blue-green and turquoise.

Top notes: pink pepper, bergamot, tangerine
Heart notes: coriander, jasmine, neroli
Base notes: moss, musk, patchouli, vanilla

Olfactory group: citrus-aromatic (citrus-fougère)

Creation date: 2021


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