L'ORCHESTRE PARFUM Electro Limonade EDP 100ml

Terrace over the Mediterranean Sea
Cocktail. Sunset
Electronic bubbles, unbelivable citrus & mint ‘canaille’
An ‘Electro Cologne’
Fizzy, sparkling and aromatic

Fragrance: Nathalie Feistauher
After 20 years at Givaudan, in the United States and in France, Nathalie Feistauher joined Symrise in October 2008.
Some of her creations: Eau des Merveilles for Hermes, Eau Belle and Orange Tonique for Azzaro, Must Pour Homme by Cartier, Serie 8 Energy C Lemon, Guerilla 2 , Luxe Champaca for Comme des Garcons, Delicious Closet Queen and Putain des Palaces for Etat Libre d'Orange etc...
Today she is considered as one of the best & most talented perfumers & won a FIFI Awards as Best Perfumer in 2019 in Russia.

Music interpretation: NIID
The duo likes to surprise with emotion and contrast. It reveals a fresh and refined electronic music exploring electronica, techno, hip-pop, music, without limit. In dj set, the duo subtly mixes its influences to offer a moment of intense and fusional sharing. Communicative and addictive energy!
Singular & talented, they won many prizes for their outstanding work.
We NIID(ed) them in our Orchestre!

Aldehydic bubbles, Italian bergamot, dub ginger, mint, vetiver Haiti

Olfactory group: citrus-aromatic (citrus-fougère)

Nose: Nathalie Feisthauer

Creation date: 2020


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