The challenge for the creation of Rose Nue was to express, on the one hand, the natural and pure facet of the rose, in all its beauty, brilliance and perfection. On the other hand, the carnal and sensual dimension of the rose, when it becomes absolute. It was to imagine a new rose, a fantasized rose... it was to assert its true nature of flower, its vegetable character, and to take it far in the sophistication, the sensuality, the seduction. It was to detect in the rose its sensual and ambiguous sweetness, more seductive than it appears: an odor of skin... troubling.

Delphine Lebeau who has already offered four magnificent perfumes to Les Parfums de Rosine: Vive la Mariée, Ballerina No. 1 and Ballerina No. 3 as well as La Cologne Rose Océan, found how to imagine this Rose Nue. A smell of ruffled leaves of roses and green tangerine bring immediately this character of real flower, vegetable. The aldehydes accentuate this natural sharpness. This first contact is to reveal the voluptuousness of the absolute rose. Its natural suave sweetness is accentuated by Bourbon vanilla - so sensual and almost animal - and the heliotrope. The leather suede notes are softened by ambroxan and musk. A perfume where transparencies reveal a nude nature.

This delicious rose with very natural aspects, designed with infinite detail and precision by the very famous Pierre-Joseph Redoute bears the charming name of “Cuisse de Nymphe”. It comes from the Crimea in the sixteenth century, and already its pale pink color reflects the emotion caused by the naked skin. The English at the time did call it Maiden's Blush… Wishing to be even more ambitious in the evocation, some rose nurserymen of the eighteenth century baptized it “Cuisse de Nymphe Emue”… and here is Hussy Rose! From this rose story, Marie-Hélène and Louis Rogeon imagined a new perfume: Rose Nue.

A skin color rose, soft and velvety...
A rose in all its beauty, its simplicity, its evidence...
A rose that you wish to pluck:
A “Rose Nue”.

Top notes: Tangerine, Aldehydes, Rose leaves
Heart notes: Rose absolute from Turkey, Heliotrope, Vanilla
Base notes: Sandalwood, Ambroxan, Suede, Musk

Olfactory group: floral

Nose: Delphine Lebeau

Creation date: 2017


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