LES PARFUMS DE ROSINE Le Muguet de Rosine EDP 50ml

There's a lovely tradition in France - on the first day of the month of May, people give each other lily-of-the-valley to bring happiness for the whole year! The fine and fragrant white bells of lily-of-the-valley hide in the shadiest corners of the garden or in the depths of the forest, hidden under leaves.
The children make wonderful bouquets of them, sometimes mixed with a few roses, and they will sell them to all those who want to give happiness. This means a big commotion, full of fun.

LE MUGUET DE ROSINE is a replica of a garden lily-of-the-valley - in the garden at Martimont, it hides at the foot of walls, between rose bushes and behind rhododendrons.

Nicolas Bonneville, a young yet already experienced perfumier, as he has been learning his craft in Grasse from the age of 15, has created a fresh and very different version of Muguet de Rosine for LES PARFUMS DE ROSINE. It naturally has the characteristic notes which make up the scent of lily-of-the-valley (the essence of the lily-of-the-valley flower cannot be extracted): a skilful balancing of rose and jasmine.

Nicolas chose a true rose of Turkey and a true jasmine from Egypt, the most beautiful and the most noble. And to detonate the happiness and vivacity of this blend, a note of firm, juicy pear creates the surprise. The white musks blend beautifully with this precious alchemy and give it a marvellous and effective body. A completely natural but incredibly refined perfume.

Top notes: Bergamot essence, Pear
Heart notes: Lily of the valley, Rose absolute from Turkey, Jasmine absolute from Egypt
Base notes: White musk

Olfactory group: floral

Nose: Nicolas Bonneville

Creation date: 2015


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