The rose, whether an essence or an absolute, enchants us. Its multifaceted character endows its perfumes with the landscape of an adventure tale, the depth and emotion of a romance.
Each new creation has enabled Les Parfums de Rosine to tame this queen of the flowers and make it tell stories of refinement and intoxication. Roses are an unending source of inspiration for Marie-Hélène Rogeon and her son, Louis.

Ballerina and the Dance - Nature as a metaphor!
Brought together in a bouquet, the Ballerina rose’s compact and simple flowers conjure up visions of graceful ballet-dancers: while roses sway to the rhythm of the wind, dancers glide, as though under some compulsion, in perfect harmony with the rhythm of the orchestra. Nature, with a choreographer’s skill, melds these fragile beauties into a strong and harmonious whole.

This is exactly how Marie-Hélène Rogeon sees, in her quest for harmony, a common link between the dancer’s and the perfumier’s arts. Gathering together and orchestrating, in order to sublimate...

A rose-tree with a fleeting perfume, a spiny bush which opens the olfactory field to every possibility and allows the perfumer, Delphine Lebeau, to create, by means of the perfume, a flesh and blood ballerina - in Marie-Hélène Rogeon’s imagination, a mischievous and delicate dancer.

Like the flower, the perfume begins with the rose, and is adorned, at its heart, with pale - almost white - shades.
The first notes, peach and pear, spring out with the grace of a leaping cat: sparkling, multi-coloured. The rose and the peony, the floral fulcrum of this tender heart, spread their gentle, pastel facets wherever the dancer’s arabesques take them. Like a flowing veil of milky white, the final harmony enfolds the skin and gives it the transparent hues of a porcelain figurine.

Head notes: Pear, Peach, Freesia, Bergamot
Heart notes: Rose, Peony, Violet, Raspberry
Base notes: Milk, Vanilla, Musk, Sandalwood

Olfactory group: floral

Nose: Delphine Lebeau

Creation date: 2014


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