KILIAN Dark Lord EDP 50ml

Amost devilishly dark opus, CARPE NOCTEM rules the night.
KILIAN establishes the CARPE NOCTEM Collection with the launch of its latest fragrance, DARK LORD ‘EX TENEBRIS LUX’, a viciously vetiver creation.

Unpredictable, intense and irresistibly aristocratic, the scent joins BLACK PHANTOM ‘MEMENTO MORI’ to make formidable partners-in-crime, ready to take on the evening’s excesses.
BLACK PHANTOM ‘MEMENTO MORI’ honors the haunting, ancient motto of pirates—remember death—as well as their libation of predilection: dark coffee with a decadent dash of rum.
DARK LORD ‘EX TENEBRIS LUX’ assumes a different sort of spin, yet no less in the wild of night. A headtwisting mix of shadows and light, it seduces in seconds with its elegant, long-lasting accords of leather and strong vetiver, its jasmine drenched in rum, and a dandyish entrance of bergamot and pepper. From darkness, into light.

“A gentleman is one who never hurts anyone’s feeling—unintentionally”
the quixotic Oscar Wilde once noted of the elite race of men who are shamelessly, unapologetically themselves and with perfect aplomb. They charm by their character, and please only those who are refined enough to receive them.
KILIAN’s DARK LORD, a gentleman of the night.

Meet him in the most surprising of circumstances and his mystery slowly unfolds: a duo of Sichuan Pepper and Bourbon Pepper Essences are instantly magnetic, vibrating with opening notes of Bergamot breathing life and light as a first impression. The heart of DARK LORD ‘EX TENEBRIS LUX’ then sets off sparks with Indian Jasmine Sambac and Davana—a note changing its character according to the skin it touches—both wrapped in a voluptuous rum liqueur. DARK LORD then directly descends into the shadows: raw root Vetiver is expertly interwoven with the sophistication of leathery Indian Cypriol, alongside a woody overdose of Atlas Cedarwood and Indonesian Patchouli.
Alcohol and leather accords rise in an incredible, unforgettable olfactive trail—like the out-of-time experience of tasting a vintage liquor within a gentleman’s private library. A moment crafted for members only, by French perfumer Alberto Morillas in close collaboration with Kilian Hennessy.

“DARK LORD is the perfect everyday scent—it is elegant, rich and lasts all day,” explains Kilian Hennessy. “Our Vetiver essence from Haiti is really the backbone of the scent; it is present from top to drydown. But, like all my scents, DARK LORD is built on layers to add character and complexity.”

A Dark Lord, or a Black Phantom…who shall you be this evening? Choose your mask—your very own partner-in-crime—and choose it well, for night has now fallen.

Each CARPE NOCTEM fragrance comes in a glossy black coffret, keeping the evening’s secrets with a lock and key, signed with a silk black tassel. Decorated on its sides with KILIAN’s iconic Shield of Achilles motif, it is crowned with a skull emerging from the depths of darkness with an ever-so-subtle smile mocking us mere mortals.
Who is the ideal partner-in-crime? “A night owl, adventurous and unpredictable,” says Kilian Hennessy—also with an ever-so-subtle smile.

Lay your daily cares aside, and dive into your darkest instincts with a partner-in-crime crying CARPE NOCTEM. Time has come to seize the night with intrigue, excitement and a little—or a lot—of indulgence, for tomorrow is another day.

Vetiver essence, bergamot essence, pepper essence, Rum accord, jasmin absolute, cypriol essence

Olfactory group: leathery

Nose: Alberto Morillas

Creation date: 2018


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