JOVOY Pavillon Rouge EDP 100ml

As daylight declines, a schooner prepares to dock. Its distinctive lines leave no doubt to the sharp eye: «this one is a privateer or has made a mistake!», mumbling the old people of the port.

When the wind rises, there is no more ambiguity, the Jolly Roger slams and whistles a memento mori that reminds us that life is fragile, so we might as well live it well. In the shade of the Red Flag, a short but good life is better!

Sucked up by the promises of the amber and vanilla aromas of rum and whiskey, a buccaneer rushes onto the dock and blends into the crowd. A fleeting moment of tranquility during a night stopover!

He knows it, his proud ship will have already disappeared before dawn, leaving behind him a trail of exotic spices and precious woods of treasures that fill his holds, and the promise made to an elegant woman to return one day, «provided God gives her life».

A perfume of conquest and adventure, Pavillon Rouge is an ode to life. He invites conquering day and night, without fear and with the confidence of those who braved death for some fortune and legendary glory.

Top notes: Whiskey, Cold Spices, Infused Rum, Sésame
Heart notes: Leather, Lapsang Souchong (Tea), Tabacco, Coffee
Base notes: Ebony, Benzoin, Vanilla Pod

Olfactory group: oriental-woody

Creation date: 2018


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