JEROBOAM Вона perfume extract 30ml

Boha is constructed around a white flowers bouquet that evoke purity. An almost intimidating purity, like a gaze that runs through you with intensity. In his heart, gardenia mixes with jasmine and orange blossom and together burst into a compelling monotonous chant.

The perfume subtle, delicate and both opulent, will move you deeply and is worn like a provocation. Vanina Muracciole allowed herself to some eccentricities while adding to her musky base some ambery and woody note like sandalwood, reinforcing the sensual aura and the indelible sillage.

Top Notes: Bergamot, Green Almond
Heart Notes: Violet Leaves, Gardenia, Egyptian Jasmine, Orange Blossom
Base Notes: Ambery Woods, Enigmatic Musks, Oakmoss, Australian Sandalwood

Olfactory group: floral

Nose: Vanina Muracciole

Creation date: 2018


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