ETRO Marquetry EDP 100ml

In the secret rooms of the realms of the Maharajah and the Renaissance ateliers, skilled and patient craftsmen have been passing down the meticulous technique of inlay works for centuries: marquetry, that is the art of mixing minuscule pieces of ivory and hard stone, fragments of mother of pearl, fragrant tapestries of ebony and rosewood, slivers of precious metals and thin layers of lacquer, which time after time combine to create incredible and extremely elaborate designs on tabourets, treasure chests and jewellery.

From this ancient decorative tradition, which can transform even the most mundane object into a work of art, and from whom the unmatched masters were the goldsmiths of the Gem Palace of Jaipur, Etro announces an exclusive perfume tradition, a luminous and multifaceted essence, in perfect harmony with the cosmopolitan spirit of the maison. Feminine but much more, conceived by a woman who approaches life with a decisive attitude and with the unlimited curiosity of Amelia Earhart, Marquetry unleashes a solar spirit, suspended between the ground and the sky, skilfully blended with accents of colonial romanticism.

The fragrance, which comes in a bottle decorated with a golden Paisley tattoo, as always belonging to the Etro iconography, opens with an overture of bergamot, lavender and peach, with an iridescence like freshly-dyed silks laid out to dry in the wind before a storm. At its heart, like the central inlays of the ancient sarpech, the grand and elaborate clasps on a turban, is the full-bodied sensuality of the rose, the aromatic cabochon gem surrounded by nuances of tobacco and the almond of the tonka bean, the green reflected light of galbanum - a bush whose leaves are refreshed by the nocturnal rains on the high plains of Persia - and the cocoa-scented accents of the Peruvian balsam which, according to the South American shamans, are considered to be a key ingredient in ointments which bring good luck. At its base - the rarest gemstone of the freshly completed inlay, which was once polished by the artists of the Mogul courts with a veil of agate powder - Marquetry celebrates the triumph of resins: a duet of amber with sweet liqueur notes of labdanum, musk sweetened with a highlight of vanilla which opens the heart and mind. Like a talisman for the soul which opens up tender horizons of happiness.

Top notes: bergamot, lavender, peach
Heart notes: rose, tobacco, almond, tonka bean, galbanum, peru balsam
Base notes: labdanum, amber, vanilla, musk

Olfactory group: oriental

Creation date: 2015


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