CLIVE CHRISTIAN Jump up and Kiss Me Ecstatic perfume 50ml

A sultry and intoxicating blend with 25% Perfume Concentration. This white floral perfume is built on a a shameless blaze of tuberose, known as “The Fragrance of the Night” and symbolic of dangerous love, tuberose is lauded for its heady scent and lingers with a powdery medicinal tone. Top notes of rose envelope orange flower, climbing towards ylang-ylang and jasmine. A sweet intoxicating floral with a creamy sandalwood, warm Amber and Tonka Bean base. Ecstatic indulgence awaits...

Addictive Arts uses pioneering perfume technology that is breaking boundaries in the world of niche perfume. Clive Christian's AddictiveFusion uses headspace technology which captures molecules through an alchemical process unique to the perfume house and cannot be copied or imitated.

Complexity: 219 Ingredients
Concentration: 25%

Top notes: Awakening Orange Bigarade, Addictive Fusion
Heart notes: Intoxicating Tuberose, Jasmin, Orange Flower
Base notes: Sultry Sandalwood, Amber, Suede

Olfactory group: floral

Creation date: 2017


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