CLIVE CHRISTIAN Cypress perfume 50ml

Noble XXI Art Deco captures the fanciful and elaborate movement of the Art Deco era, it is the perfume houses’ twenty first pair of perfumes.

A modern phenomena in design; Art Deco is a style recognised globally and can be seen in details from the grand scale of a sky scraper to the most utilitarian of objects. Originating from Paris this decadent style roared through the 1920’s heavily influencing art and architecture.

Noble XXI perfumes revel in the sparkling decadence of the Art Deco period celebrating a sense of endless possibility and progress. Sharp lines with hypnotic geometric form in art and architecture and the liberation of flowing champagne cocktails in romantic twilight lit gardens are bought to life in these perfumes.

A beguiling blend of classic citrus with bold aromatic woods create a captivating Citrus Oriental.

Exuding memories of the French Riviera the spicy and coniferous scent of cypress stands elegantly against the zest of bergamot with a bold body bolstered with cedar for a modern take on the opulence of the Art Deco era.

Oakwood captures the taste of brandy barrels and the prohibition cocktails whispered in city Jazz bars. Complex and unique this perfume twists and turns like the topiary of an Art Deco style garden.

Top notes: bergamot, mandarin, cedrat, basil, petitgrain
Heart notes: jasmin, nutmeg, geranium, ginger, clove, cypress
Base notes: amber, oakmoss, vanilla

Olfactory group: aromatic

Creation date: 2018


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