BIOEFFECT EGF Power Cream 50ml

BIOEFFECT EGF POWER CREAM is a highly advanced and deeply nourishing face cream designed to help diminish visible signs of aging. Its unique formula of potent plant actives minimizes the appearance of ine lines and wrinkles, visibly improves irmness and elasticity, and smooths skin texture. Can be used on its own as well as on top of BIOEFFECT serums for added eficacy, hydration, and nourishment.

BIOEFFECT EGF POWER CREAM is rich in Barley EGF and other potent plant actives that work together to diminish the visible signs of aging and improve appearance of skin.
* Barley EGF – a moisture-binding, skin-rejuvenating, signaling protein – helps support the skin’s natural collagen production and is essential for keeping skin looking smooth, healthy, and youthful.
* Oridonin is a new and exciting ingredient that has the ability to greatly improve the appearance of skin by blurring lines, increasing irmness and elasticity and boosting the complexion. What is more, it communicates with the skin in much the same way as EGF and the two ingredients work together in synergy for maximum eficacy.
* Niacinamide, also known as Vitamin B3, visibly improves skin’s texture, evens skin tone and increases radiance while also minimizing the apperance of ine lines and wrinkles.
* Lastly, Beta-Glucan is a skin-soothing ingredient with antioxidant function that helps to maintain a healthy skin barrier as well as minimize redness and skin sensitivity.

The EGF Power Cream is also formulated with several nourishing and moisturizing ingredients.
* Hyaluronic Acid is a natural component of skin tissue. It is an ideal hydrator for all skin types as it can boost skin’s moisture levels and minimize moisture loss. The Hyaluronic Acid in the EGF Power Cream is a super small size (SLMW) form specially developed for better penetration.
* Shea Butter, Squalane and Evening Primrose Oil are all wonderfully moisturizing and nourishing

This product is perfect for those who want a powerful cream in their skincare routine, either instead of or on top of a BIOEFFECT serum. It is rich and nourishing, ideal for dryer or more mature skin types.
ingredients that are also source of replenishing fatty acids. Perfect if your skin is more mature or needs a little extra hydration, especially during colder months.

Apply to face, neck, and décolleté, both morning and night. Massage gently in smooth circular motions.



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