BELLEFONTAINE Oil-Control Normalizing Serum 30ml

An essential daily care for combination and oily skins that display excessive sebaceous secretion and an inevitably shiny complexion. Its active components efficiently participate in the skin’s purification and the normalization of the sebum formation on the epidermis’ surface, preventing the formation of unaesthetic cutaneous imperfections due to the suffocation of the skin by sebum. The skin’s texture is thus improved and the complexion becomes mat and uniform. Suitable for oily and impure skin.

Purify / Balance
The mixture of essential oils of Thyme, Sage, Lavender, and Mint creates an anti-septic, purifying, astringent and toning agent. Laminaria saccharina algae extract, or Sacchalamine, along with other biological re-equilibrating agent for problem skin help to balance cutaneous disorders and reduce bacterial proliferation. This is an anti-inflammatory procedure vital to clearing oily skin. Vitamin B6 helps correct skin functions.

Anti-inflammatory / Antiseptic
The essential oil of German camomile, bisabolol, has anti-inflammatory and softening properties. Laminaria saccharina algae extract or Sacchlamine, helps fight against bacterial proliferation, favors tissue repairing, and normalizes the sebaceous secretion flow. Menthol is said to be antiseptic, cooling, refreshing, and a circulation stimulant.

Retain Moisture
Caprylyl glycol has physical anti-microbial properties related to its capacity for osmotic absorption. It also has anti-microbial properties towards Propioni bacterium acnes, the germ specific to acne outbreaks. It has exceptional moisturizing virtues as well as distinct, immediate, and persistent calming effects.

Soothing agents, which contain extracts of butcher’s broom, centella asiatica and hydrolysed yeast proteins act together to reduce redness by reinforcing the capillary walls. They calm irritation and feelings of discomfort, which is typical for sensitive skin. It has also been shown to diminish dark circles under the eye area. The refreshing agents refresh and cool the skin.

Usage: in the morning, in the evening


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