BELLEFONTAINE Nutri-Regenerating Night Cream 50ml

A night care with a generous texture for all skin types, particularly the mature and devitalised ones. The substances contained in its rich formulation nourish, vitalise and regenerate by effectively preventing the slackening of the tissues, as well as dehydration and cutaneous ageing. In the morning, the skin is smooth, supple and nourished, the fine lines and cutaneous imperfections are toned down and the complexion is more luminous. Suitable for all skin types. Especially for mature and devitalized skin.

Cell Metabolism
The regenerative plant extract boosts cell metabolism and improve tissue oxygenation. It helps the skin to combat the aging process by minimizing the activity of free radicals.

Anti-oxidant botanical complex contain butterfly bush and thyme, which is a high quality complex against “daily stress.” It is an effective anti-pollution, anti-oxidant, and anti-microbial treatment. Green tea extract stimulates microcirculation, improves the appearance of tired skin.White tea contains high level of anti-oxidants that fights free radical activity.

Superior Hydration
Sodium Hyaluronate, an intensive hydrating agent, provides the skin with 500 times its moisture retaining capabilities. Instantly restores and protects the skin’s moisture balance to dehydrated skin. Helps to minimize enlarged pores, granting elasticity and suppleness. Biosaccharide gum-1 is a naturally derived moisturizing agent with a prolonged action. Nanospheres filled with dimethylsilanol hyaluronate act as micro reservoirs to release moisturizing agents to the cutaneous level of the skin.

Soothing agents, which contain extracts of butcher’s broom, centella asiatica and hydrolysed yeast proteins act together to reduce redness by reinforcing the capillary walls. They calm irritation and feelings of discomfort, which is typical for sensitive skin. It has also been shown to diminish dark circles under the eye area.

Usage: in the evening


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