BELLEFONTAINE Cellstemine Night Renaissance Elixir 15ml

With the launch of the Night Renaissance Elixir, Bellefontaine enriches the Cellstemine line with plant stem cells, with a product to the quintessence of its know-how to allow the skin to daily self-protect and self-regenerate.

• Self-protection, by blocking free radicals and boosting epidermal cells, thus creating a reinforced skin barrier against external and internal aggressions.
• Self-regeneration, by boosting the dermal stem cells to maintain the biomechanical properties and ensure continuous production of collagen and elastin.

At night, cell renewal is intense: the proliferation of epidermal cells is at its maximum. It is at this time that the skin is permeable and that the active ingredients are the most penetrating and be assimilated.
Night Renaissance Elixir boosts collagen and elastin synthesis, delivers hyaluronic acid, smoothes and protects the skin.
With the ultimate power to illuminate and beautify.

Usage: in the evening


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