ATELIER DES ORS Riviera Sunrise EDP 100ml


The RIVIERA COLLECTION is an inspirational range of four perfumes with a light, radiant, refreshing and captivating signature. The French Riviera is front and centre in our RIVIERA COLLECTION.

A beguiling region that has served as an inspiration to artists,
writers and musicians for decades. Expansive sea views, azure waters, a vivid palette of colours, varied natural landscapes and the vestiges of old school glamour. Magical moments exemplified in the 50’s, 60’s and 70’s. A time when elegance, charm and simple pleasures were in abundance.

Picture postcards of a bygone era that promise beauty and sophistication along with eternal days and nights.
Think Hedonism, Escapism And Languid Moments.

The rising sun softly unfolded over the foothills of Menton, illuminating the sky with brilliant shades of orange. Draped against the light, the surrounding hillside seemed to be cut from a dark, silken taffeta.

Jackie revelled in the intense depiction of nature, where orange tree branches laden with fruit appeared like a neoimpressionist
painting, in an array of colour.

Jackie rubbed the rough, dimpled skin of a beautiful blood orange in her palm. She could envisage the juiciness ofthe fruit. The remnants of the orange’s scent on her skin revived long forgotten memories…

Childhood recollections of a moment spent with her grandmother tasting a delicious, freshly squeezed pulpy orange juice on the terrace of the Negresco. The details of the glistening crystal glass in the sunlight, appeared like a ray of shooting stars. Everything about the scene remained imprinted in her memory. The reverie was so vivid that she could have contemplated it for hours.

The chill of the morning dew pulled Jackie out of her nostalgic reverie… one sunny March morning on the French Riviera.

A Citrus, Aromatic Fragrance

Scent Story:
Riviera Sunrise revels in the golden light of the Mediterranean sun. The warm rays glimmer on aged orange treetops and merge with azure tinted waves in a scented dance.

A bold opening combines the zesty pulp of lemon, mandarin and
orange with the aromatic freshness of basil. The sparkling layers of citrus play a duet with the joyful synergy of orange blossom and fig leaf, harmonising with the faceted woody notes of vetiver and cedarwood.

Riviera Sunrise expresses an atmosphere that oscillates between
the meditative morning calm and bursts of radiant solar energy.

Marie Salamagne wanted to capture and transform the beauty ofthese fleeting moments of happiness as an ode to the indescribable charm of the French Riviera. A scent with an orange, golden glow kissed by childhood memories.

Top notes: Lemon from Sfuma essence, Mandarin from Italy essence, Orange from Portugal essence
Heart notes: Fig Leaves accord, Basil essence, Orange Blossom from Marocco absolute & firabs
Base notes: Vetiver from Java essence, Cedarwood from Virginia essence, Musk

Olfactory group: citrus-aromatic (citrus-fougère)

Nose: Marie Salamagne

Creation date: 2022


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