ATELIER DES ORS Pomelo Riviera EDP 100ml

The RIVIERA COLLECTION is an inspirational range of three perfumes with a light, radiant, refreshing and captivating signature.

The French Riviera is front and centre in this new range. A beguiling region that has served as an inspiration to artists, writers and musicians for decades. Expansive sea views, azure waters, a vivid palette of colours, varied natural landscapes and the vestiges of old school glamour. Magical moments exemplified in the 50’s, 60’s and 70’s. A time when elegance, charm and simple pleasures were in abundance.

Picture postcards of a bygone era that promise beauty and sophistication along with eternal days and nights. Think Hedonism, Escapism And Languid Moments.

Chapter 2
Pomelo Riviera

Bright light streamed throughthe bedroom shutters. Jackie gently eased them open and let the warmth envelop her. She gradually opened her eyes. No place in the world had ever seemed so full of serenity, peace and wellbeing.

Jackie gazed out through the window and recognised a familiar silhouette. The sailboat seemed to float above the water cradled by the sun. She decided to take a walk in the hanging floral gardens on the foothills of Saint-Jean-Cap-Ferrat. With a book in hand, she wandered for a moment between the bergamot and orange trees, then headed for the pool. A moment of quiet contemplation enveloped her. She placed her book "Bonjour Tristesse" on the table next to her and reclined on the deckchair.

The intense heat mixed with the sea breeze and the zest of the
pomelo trees brought a smile. She instantly remembered all those enchanted holidays at Villa Pomelo.

Overlooking the jewelled azure sea, sits a beautiful villa and a secluded garden. An abundance of citrus trees laden with fruits and fragrant flowers creates a vivid portrait of a paradise found. A gentle sea breeze brings refreshment and a crystalline scent, tinged with salt, sun and the promise of memorable moments.

A natural synergy between the tart refreshment of bergamot and the silky smoothness of orange blossom, jasmine and rose creates a serendipitous moment. The radiant zest of punchy pomelo mixed with beams of sunlight is simple, yet enchantingly seductive with an easy allure.

Pomelo Riviera is a fragrance to evoke the glow of lightly bronzed summer skin and never ending summer days and nights.

Relaxation, enjoyment and simple pleasures. Memories made to last.

Top notes: Grapefruit, Jasmine, Bergamot
Heart notes: Orange Flower, Salt Accord, Rose
Base notes: Cedarwood

Olfactory group: citrus

Creation date: 2019


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