ATELIER DES ORS Crépuscule des Âmes EDP 100ml

The White Collection celebrates perfumery as the 8th art and brings meaning to the new creations.

The Search For Happiness is the central theme of the White Collection. Art Nouveau, Vienna's Secessionist Group and Gustav Klimt's Beethoven Frieze (1902) are key influences. This monumental art work was completed for the 14th Vienna Secessionist Exhibition to commemorate the 75th anniversary of Beethoven 's death.

Klimt was a key member of the Secession Group, which was formed as a reaction against conservatism in art. He was renowned as one of the most influential exponents of Art Nouveau.

Crépuscule des Âmes is the twilight of the souls and a perfume to enslave the senses with fine spices and a warm golden glow. A second skin to wear in the dusky hours while the souls are at play, when we feel deep desires and the duality inherent in our consciousness.

A radiating warmth that speaks to carnal pleasure and desire imbued with the furry intensity of Typhoeus. Incense, patchouli and hyraceum heat the primitive, animalic aura.
For moments when we seek the truth, to find a way through temptation.
An addictive, empowering fragrance with an element of intrigue.

Top notes: Mandarin, cardamom, clary sage
Heart notes: Hysope, incense, pimento berry
Base notes: Hyraceum infusion, patchouli

Olfactory group: woody

Creation date: 2018


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