ATELIER DES ORS Bois Sikar EDP 100ml

From the beginning there was a very specific intention by creating BOIS SIKAR.
Founder Jean-Philippe Clermont's involvement in the cigar world meant that one day a perfume created around this theme would evolve.
The inspiration was clear from the outset : cigars, cedar wood from cigar boxes, paired with Islay whiskey and woody notes from the oak barrel.

The addictive smell of cigars permeating the air with a darkly smoky aroma. Beautifully crafted wooden cigar boxes filled with the aromatic, woody scent of cedar wood and leaves.
And the highly distinctive aroma of peaty, smoky whiskey produced in distilleries on the Island of Islay in Scotland. Peat is used to fuel kilns to dry barley for the whiskey production. This special element gives Islay whiskies a wonderfully distinctive, robust character.

BOIS means Wood in English.
SIKAR is the Mayan word for smoking and is thought to have inspired the word cigara in Spanish and later cigar in English.
BOIS refers to the dense tonalities of a combination of cedar and guaiac woods creating a robust and exotic scent.

Cigars have long been savoured by successful men throughout history. Traditionally an accompaniment for the celebration of momentous occasions, cigars are now also enjoyed socially with acquaintances or colleagues. Cigars in these moments are an integral accessory highlighting sophistication and masculinity. 
It’s not all one sided though, notable women from writer George Sand through to Heidi Klum have basked in the power of a cigar.
How does a cigar stand out amongst the crowd?  There are many considerations but chief amongst these are the quality of the leaves, country of origin and credentials of its makers.

Arabesque smoke
Ambered tendrils
Calling vaporous souls
Soft, peaty flames
A sacred fire, arising

A beguiling smoky tobacco scent with robust woody tonalities swirling against the heady vapours.
The unique, smoky, peaty character of Islay’s single malt whiskey is simultaneously conjured to create the essence of BOIS SIKAR. These addictive facets entwine with cedar leaf creating an intensely intoxicating fragrance.

Top notes: Nutmeg, Precious Woods
Heart notes: Guaiac Wood, Styrax, Cedar leaf
Base notes: Tobacco absolute, Cedar from Java

Olfactory group: woody

Nose: Marie Salamagne

Creation date: 2018


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