Amouage’s eighth volume in the Library Collection, Opus VIII, is an evocative exploration of the subconscious dialogue between illusion and reality. Paying meticulous attention to detail, Amouage Creative Director, Christopher Chong, masterfully composed the fragrance to linger amongst the parallels of truth and perception.

Crafted with the perfume connoisseur in mind, irrespective of age or gender, the woody, floral fragrance comprises of the finest ingredients sourced from around the world. Jasmine Sambac from India serenely fuses with Ylang Ylang from the Comoros and Orange Flower from Morocco to reveal a golden aura in the top notes. Saffron, Ginger and Incense smoke in the contradictory heart conjures an abstract and intriguing profundity. A surreal wave of luxury passes through the structure of the fragrance with the dark intensity of Benzoin, Balsam, Bay and Vetiver.

Christopher Chong explains that each individual’s version of reality is defined by their perception. Opus VIII, in continuation of the Library Collection’s study of knowledge and experience, breaks down and reincarnates conventions to construct a vision of truth.

The white bottle with specks of gold represents the enlightening aura of the fragrance. The tome-shaped box is a black and white floral Toile de Jouy, with an indentation of the bottle creating a Trompe L’oeil illusion.

A poetic homage to olfactory experiences, Amouage’s Library Collection is a celebration of integrity, creativity and virtuosity. Each of the eight fragrances is an ethereal instrument that reveals the many facets of a discovery.

Top notes: Jasmine, Ylang Ylang, Orange Flower
Heart notes: Frankincense, Saffron, Ginger, Vetiver, Gaiac Wood
Base notes: Balsam, Benzoin, Jamaican Bay

Olfactory group: floral-woody

Nose: Pierre Negrin

Creation date: 2014


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