AMOUAGE Love Tuberose EDP 100ml


International luxury brand, Amouage, introduces Love Tuberose, a new fragrance within The Secret Garden Collection. As the enigmatic love story continues to unfold within the collection, this new romantic and floral fragrance, eloquently evokes the heart’s pleasures and desire reminiscent of Russian literature and classical music.
“In Love Tuberose, I see a woman enraptured by romance with dreams that can only be found in classical Russian arts. A manifestation of passion, hope, and adventure, the fragrance embodies the excitement and mystery of her unfolding love story,” explains Amouage Creative Director, Christopher Chong.
An alluring scent, Love Tuberose blends the warmth of Gardenia, Tuberose, and Jasmine in harmony with a gourmand inflexion of tender notes of Vanilla and Chantilly Cream to create dramatic and heavenly sweetness. The woody and musky base of Cedarwood and Sandalwood adds depth to the affectionate and wistful bouquet of aromas that recreate memories with its rich aura of feminine notes.
The elegant ivory pastel bottle of Love Tuberose is a true reflection of its floral elements. The now-iconic Amouage silver cap is topped with a light rose Aurore Boreale Swarovski crystal, emulating the luxurious delicacy and sensual endearment that resonates throughout the fragrance.

Top notes: Tuberose, Gardenia, Jasmine
Heart notes: Chantilly Cream, Vanilla
Base notes: Cedarwood, Sandalwood

Olfactory group: floral

Creation date: 2018


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