Wolf Brothers - hand crafted soy candles, perfumed with wild Slavic fragrances. 

It all started two years ago on a cold winter evening on one of the Bieszczady forest trails. Two wolves, bound by bonds of blood, made a notable pact in the midst of a blizzard. They knew from experience that to prosper in this wild world they must act as a pack. Soon, Piotr and Łukasz, two hikers eager to succeed, joined.

This is how Wolfbrothers was established - an exclusive fragrance brand for genuine men.

We believe that inspiration in creating fragrances can be found everywhere. We went to the source and handed over the work to the top specialists - perfumers from around Grasse - the cradle of perfumery. Just like alchemists, they transformed our vision into fragrances - truly masculine, wild and inspired by nature.

With the series "Animals of the Polish Forest" we would like to take you, using your sense of smell, on a journey to the enchanting corners of the Bieszczady Mountains - exactly where our ideas originated. Backed with the characters of the wildlife creatures we would like to refer to prehistoric male attributes and instincts.




WOLF BROTHERS Soy candles Animals of the Polish Forest